George Washington was one of the greatest leaders the United States has ever seen.

Leading the Continental Army to victory over the British and playing a key role in forging the United States Constitution he has justly become known as “father of the country”.

But where did he come from and how did he become such an instrumental figure in the history of America?

This biography of the first President, written by a man who would later become the twenty-eighth, is an insightful look into the career of this famous soldier and politician.

Woodrow Wilson’s book begins with a study into the Washington family and the Colony of Virginia under British rule that Washington grew up in.

Washington’s life and career are analyzed step-by-step, from his childhood through to his first experience of military action fighting for the British against the French and their Indian allies, where he experienced his first taste of victory, but also that of defeat.

Wilson covers Washington’s emergence into the heat of politics and the development of rising tensions with Great Britain. Through this period, Washington forged diplomatic relationships with various important leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Richard Henry Lee, and with their support he emerged as a central figure in the fight for American independence and afterwards as the first President.

George Washington: A Life is essential reading for anyone interested in finding more out about this intriguing figure who led the United States through many of its darkest moments and on to become one of the leading nations in the world.

“Not only in absolute fidelity to the historical events and best traditions of the period covered, and to the facts of Washington’s life from first to last, has this book been written in a style peculiarly graceful, smooth and distinct — not only so, but withal in its pages there is an unconscious revelation of the author’s own personality.” John Kirby, The Methodist Quarterly Review

“A spirited biography” Roscoe Brown, The Library of the World’s Best Literature

Woodrow Wilson was the twenty-eighth President of the United States. Prior to becoming a politician he was an academic who wrote a number of books on history and politics. George Washington was his second work, published in 1896. He passed away after leading the States through World War One in 1924.

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